Five reasons to buy a Lincoln vehicle

Want to get more out of your rides, enjoy exceptional comfort and get the most out of your vehicle? You've come to the right place because Lincoln vehicles meet all these requirements. Not only are these models elegant, stylish and advanced in their technology and design, but they come with a long list of benefits that promise you an unparalleled driving experience.

To convince you of this, there's nothing better than a test drive. But we also offer five reasons why you should consider a Lincoln vehicle for your next purchase.

Enjoy the sanctuary

Have you ever sat in a Lincoln SUV? It's more than just a cabin; it's a living space. Everything has been designed to provide a unique experience. The quality of the available leathers and open-pore woodwork create a unique and refined style.

This finely crafted interior is equipped with motorized front seats. A massage function is also available for added comfort. Lincoln's PowerFold system allows the rear seats to fold flat, providing spectacular cargo space at the same time. An available panoramic Vista roof lets in plenty of light, creating the illusion of being outdoors. High-quality soundproofing adds to the experience of this sanctuary on wheels.

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For music lovers

There's nothing like driving to music. Lincoln SUVs offer top-notch audio systems. The Revel audio system found in Lincoln models is designed for clarity, so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience while listening to your favourite song. Using what's called "point source architecture," Revel and Lincoln engineers are able to position the 14 to 20 drivers so that every frequency reaches your ear at the same time.

This is extremely important for uncompromised music reproduction. Speaker placement is optimized for each Lincoln model. It's not one size fits all.


Lincoln Way

The Lincoln Way is the fastest and most efficient way to communicate with your vehicle or those who can care for it. Through an app on your smartphone, you can lock your vehicle. It also acts as a remote starter and even as a location tool.

The app also serves as your point of contact with your favourite dealership and allows you to make appointments and contact roadside assistance if needed. When you have the Lincoln Way App, you can even use your phone as a key to unlock your Lincoln! Learn more about Lincoln Way app

A true personal assistant

Lincoln's new multimedia system allows you to seamlessly integrate your smartphone. Simply use voice commands to answer the phone or enjoy your favourite music. But Lincoln takes it a step further by integrating your Alexa personal assistant directly into the system.

With SYNC4 and Alexa, you can find the best restaurant in town, the nearest gas station, and even activate your connected home functions remotely with a simple request.

Lincoln WayInfodivertissementInfodivertissement

Efficient utilities

In addition to comfort and refinement, select Lincoln vehicles now have a plug-in hybrid version. This gives you the added power while still enjoying a partially electric ride. Just recharge the battery for a few hours, and you'll have more than enough city range. All this without compromising on luxury and comfort. More info about Lincoln PHEV


There's no substitute for a test drive of a Lincoln vehicle. But there are plenty of reasons to make this your new road trip companion.

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