Lincoln Way

Lincoln Way: Communicating with Your Car

Driving a Lincoln vehicle is an experience in itself. The luxury of the cabin, the pleasure of driving and the sophistication of life onboard make the ride spectacular and carefree. But there's another way to simplify your life: the Lincoln Way app.

Service at your fingertips

Never further than your smartphone, Lincoln Way allows you to communicate directly with your vehicle and maximize its comfort and the entire experience.

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Remote access

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Phone as a key

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Lincoln Pickup and Delivery

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Roadside assistance

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Lincoln Concierge

With your fingertips, you can lock or unlock your vehicle doors. A simple selection is all it takes to remotely start your vehicle and ensure that your cabin is at a comfortable temperature, no matter what the season.

Peace of mind

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But the Lincoln Way is so much more than that. It's like having a direct line to your favourite dealer. With just a few simple steps, you can schedule a service appointment and ensure your Lincoln is always in top condition.

Your Lincoln Way provides you with a complete health check of your vehicle. It reminds you of maintenance schedules and keeps you updated on mechanical changes, oil levels, and other indicators that may prompt you to give it special attention.

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You can also obtain a service appointment online by choosing your preferred dealer. Our advisors will then work with you to schedule the pickup or delivery of your Lincoln for service.

Once you're on the road, your Lincoln Way app can also be a great resource. For example, you can take advantage of roadside assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that flat tires or running out of gas will no longer be a concern should they occur.

Lincoln Way can also help you find the services you want, whether it's a simple restaurant or the best parking for your vehicle in a busy area!

At Your Service

To make the experience even more enjoyable, Lincoln Way puts you in direct contact with your Lincoln Concierge. Able to answer your questions, all you need is an online request for phone or email contact and answers to your questions.

Finally, the Lincoln Way is where you can earn the rewards of the Lincoln program. You are rewarded for helping to give your Lincoln the care it deserves. Manage and redeem your points for priority Lincoln services, accessories and your next vehicle purchase at your favourite Lincoln dealer.

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How it works

It's easy to use the Lincoln Way app to connect your vehicle:

  • Simply download it to your smartphone.
  • Once installed, however, you must connect it directly to your vehicle using your serial number.
  • Once the initial contact is made, you will be asked to select your preferred dealer.
  • Then simply follow the on-screen commands to use Lincoln Way features like remote start at no charge.

More than ever, the convenience of your Lincoln is at your fingertips.

Download the app

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